Real-Time A/B Split Tests

Get better results with less work than traditional A/B tests.

AB Split Tests

All variants change once a winner is determined.

Traditional split tests send a static variant to different portions of your list, missing the opportunity to show the winning variant to late openers or those that re-open your email. With the long tail of email, we allow you to re-engage subscribers with the winning variant, once determined.

Better results than the traditional A/B Split Tests.

  • doneImplement into any email campaign with a single Image URL/Link.
  • doneUse with any ESP or CRM, no integration required.
  • doneNo need to split your list into different campaigns, we automatically rotate your variants.
  • doneSaves you from having to compile different campaign stats for a full performance view.
A/B Split Test Example

A/B Split Test Variants

Choose any number of variants to test in your campaign.

  • doneUpload custom images to test different wording, imagery, or CTAs
  • doneSee how GIFs test against static images
  • doneTest different sales, coupons, and loyalty/rewards offers
  • doneCustomize the distribution of opens per variant.

Selecting the distribution and winning metric for your campaign.

We give you the option to choose a winner based on:

  • doneCTR with Confidence
  • doneHighest CTR
  • doneMost Clicks
  • doneManually select a winner at any time

You can also choose when to stop testing different variants:

  • doneAfter X Number of Opens
  • doneAfter X Number of Clicks
  • doneAt a Specific Date/Time
A/B Split Test Example

A/B Split Test Winner

View Real-Time Statistics on all variants.

  • doneUnique and Total Opens per variant
  • doneUnique and Total Clicks per variant
  • doneCTR and Chance of Winning
  • doneSee Distribution, Progress, and option to Select Winner Manually at any time
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