Charts – Personalized for Email Marketing

Each recipient gets their own visually engaging representation of their personal data.

Chart Collage

Choose and customize a variety of Chart options.

  • donePie Chart
  • doneDoughnut Chart
  • doneLine Chart
  • doneArea Chart
  • doneBar Chart
  • doneColumn Chart
  • doneRadial Gauges
  • doneProgress Bars
  • doneBarcodes

Personalize each chart with subscriber data.

  • doneUse your existing ESP merge tags to pass in chart values
  • doneWorks with any Email Service Provider
  • doneShow custom chart labels for each subscriber
  • doneCustomize the chart colors for each subscriber
Bike Charts

Donations Chart

Show Real-Time Charts using Data Sources

  • doneUse your existing API's to gather chart values at the time of open
  • doneCharts update from the API each time they are viewed
  • doneBuild millions of custom charts using one Image URL
  • doneSecure and scalable to any list size
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