Live Polls for Email

Use gamification to increase user engagement and collect valuable data on your subscribers.

Build custom designed Polls in minutes

Our easy to use editor allows you to upload your own image and/or font to create a truly custom image.

  • doneUse our intuitive editor for custom designs and layering
  • doneEasily Copy and Edit new polling options
  • doneCustom links for each voting option
  • doneAdd Values as Percentage or Vote Count
  • doneInclude live updating radial gauges
  • doneDisplay totals using custom progress bars
Shoes Poll Example

Poll Examples

Get more with interactive emails

  • doneCapture recipients' attention and encourage active participation
  • doneGather valuable data about subscriber interests and preferences for future emails
  • doneLive polls can help you segment your audience based on their responses
  • doneA quick and efficient way to collect feedback or conduct market research

Building trust and brand loyalty

Live polls in email campaigns provide a dynamic and interactive way to engage with recipients, gather feedback, personalize content, build a community, and drive desired actions, ultimately improving the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Shoes Poll Example
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