Use Data Stores to create evergreen content and 1-to-1 experiences for your subscribers

League Schedule

Show Real Time Events

Upload a CSV one time and we will update your images to show future or past events. Display upcoming games, events, or conference sessions without ever having to touch the image.

Create custom images in minutes that you never have to touch again, saving you time and creating a better experience for your subscribers.

Display the newest Tweet, Review, Donation or more

Data Stores allow you to pass in real time data via our API, or Zapier to make sure you are always displaying the latest content.

Design custom images that showcase the newest content for your subscribers each time the image is loaded. Include text, images and links that create evergreen content saving you time and make sure content is relevant whenever it is viewed.

Twitter Example

Sheets Example

Change content via Google Sheets

Change content anytime by simply updating a Google Sheet and syncing it to a Data Store via Zapier. Updating Data Stores can happen at timed intervals, or ad hoc based on your Zapier settings.

Change offers, products or modify content on emails that have already been sent no matter what email platform you are using.

Leverage Zapier to easily automate data flows into your Data Store from over 4,000+ apps.

Zapier Apps
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