Personalized Calendars for Email

Highlight dates for each subscriber using merge tags from your ESP.

Customize every aspect of your calendar.

  • doneSelect a background color or make it transparent
  • doneModify the height and width
  • doneHide or modify gridlines, labels or header
  • doneEasily select a language for the weekdays/months
  • doneUpload and use any custom fonts
Calendar Example

Custom Markers

Customize your Highlighted Dates

  • doneEasily select a color, or add a shape to the highlighted dates
  • doneHighlight two sets of dates on one calendar
  • doneUpload your own images as markers, including logos or icons

Add a Calendar to Personalized Images.

Use our Personalized Image Editor to build an image that includes text, images, charts and calendars all in a single image. Create a 1:1 experience for your subcribers and help them easily visualize dates of importance to them.

Calendar Studio Example
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