Maps based on GeoTargeting

Show the closest location to each subscriber based on real-time GeoTargeting data.

McDonalds Map Example

Everyone sees their closest location(s)

Our Maps are a single Image URL and HREF that will automatically show each subscriber a map of their nearest location(s) and give Google driving directions to that location upon clicking on the image.

Design Your Map

Adjust the size of the image, the Map Type, Zoom and Marker Color/Letter.

We also give you the option to use a custom marker, by entering the Image URL of that marker.

Map Design Screenshot

Map CSV Options

Upload Your Locations

Upload a CSV with either Address or Latitude/Longitude for your locations.

Optionally include a Location ID, in case you want to override GeoTargeting to show a subscriber their preferred location that you have already captured.

Manage your location through our API.

API Docs

Search Options

Choose the Search Radius that we will use to detect the nearest location for each subscriber. If they are not within the Search Radius of any location, you can display a Fallback Image.

Map Search Options

Design your map, import locations and start using your new image in under 5 minutes!

Client Map Examples
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